Friday, 12 October 2007

Starter Motor Bush Puller

I remember my friend Tex commenting that my father "wasn't a bodger". An odd thing to say and while it wasn't a compliment, it wasn't an insult either. Merely an observation.

You see my father, in his capacity as a bench joiner had amassed an extensive collection of tools. Some of them sat in cupboards and drawers for years on end between uses however when they were used, having the right tool for the job made a world of difference. Not having the right tool, on the very rare occasions that it happened, was an intense source of frustration to him.

Tex on the other hand, though also a joiner, made his living going out and about fixing things. His need to be mobile meant that he could only carry a relatively small number of tools and he often found himself having to use things for purposes other than the one for which they were strictly intended, and having to implement less than perfect solutions in order to just get the job done - or "bodging" as he called it.

The reason this comment, which was made some 15 years ago, came to mind is that I have just installed a new starter motor in my Bay, and while the removal of the various nuts and bolts went a lot easier than I expected, the bush seemed determined to stay firmly in the clutch housing.

Not wanting to damage anything, I abandoned the job overnight in order to post on VZi asking how to remove it. Moby5153 came to my assistance as he has done before and pointed out that there's a special tool available for the job, or that I could tap into it with an M12 tap.

I didn't have an M12 tap but as the bush is copper, a high tensile M12 bolt did the job quite nicely, tapping into it and then pushing the bush out as the bolt made contact with the clutch housing. The new starter motor is now in place and all seems well.

Now, while this might be the first starter motor bush I've ever had to deal with, I dare say it won't be my last so I'm looking at that special tool in the VW Heritage catalogue and thinking that perhaps I should add the 40 quid item to my shopping list. Thus I find myself with miniature versions of my father and Tex sitting on my shoulders like angel and demon (although I'm not sure which is which), with my father reassuring me that it'll be 40 quid well spent, and Tex shaking his head in despair.

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