Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Nobody (A Halloween Story)

A slight detour from my usual subject matter today because The Goldfish has cajoled me into writing a 'spooky' story for JackP's Halloween Story Collection. So, if you are seated comfortably, we shall begin:

It came as no surprise to Alan that nobody met him at the school gate. For a short while after mummy went to live with the angels, daddy had come instead. But life had to go on they said and he was a big boy now. Daddy had to go back to work and Grandpa John lived only just around the corner. Too far for his old legs, but near enough for a big boy like Alan to walk there on his own.

So nobody took Alan's hand at the gates and enquired about his day in school. Alan forgot to count the cedar trees at the side of the road and recalled the day's events while walking to the place where it was safe to cross. Nobody watched over him as he looked right and left, and right again, before going straight across the road.

Just a little further along, and around the corner, and there was Grandpa John looking our from the window of his house. The door was open before Alan had opened the gate and run up the garden path, and as Grandpa John welcomed him in Alan turned and waved good bye.

"See you tomorrow" he shouted.

Grandpa John looked out to the empty street. "Who are you calling to?" he asked.

"Oh, nobody" Alan replied.

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Anonymous said...

Short and sweet! Thank you!