Sunday, 6 May 2007

10 Years Ago This Month

I said to Dee a couple of weeks ago that I wondered what the chances were of me spotting our bug in one of the back issues of Volks World magazine that I'd acquired, and then today it happened!

To add to the general weirdness, the advert comes from the May 1997 issue i.e. 10 years ago this month!

Judging from the asking price she was in better condition back then but she looks pretty much the same. The colour looks a little different to the previous picture I posted but I'm pretty sure that's down to the photo. She also has purple running boards and wing mirrors these days, and a different number plate. Same number, different place.

I've blanked out the area code of the guy who was selling her but I'm tempted to dial it and see if I can speak to him. Maybe find out a little of her history. I wouldn't want to weird the guy out though.

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