Sunday, 28 January 2007

A (Lack of) Progress Report

Although it looks a bit like I might have changed my mind after all and given up on this blogging lark, this is not the case. The fact is that nothing relevant has happened because life has been getting in the way.

You know how it is: you're staying with relatives over Christmas and while you're out and about, you walk into an estate agents (like you shouldn't), and the next thing you know, you're moving house. In this case a 250 mile 'flit' from the wilds of North Yorkshire to the swamps of Norfolk. Don't you just know they are going to love me down there?

The 250 miles, in case you are not entirely familiar with the geography of the British Isles, is by road as opposed to how the crow flies, but as we'll be going by car (as opposed to by crow) I reckon that the distance by road was the more relevant figure to quote even if the crow can reduce it somewhat.

Anyway, the point is that making the necessary preparations has been using up all of the time that I might otherwise have spent messing about with my MacBook (the original inspiration for my blog) or Fedora (my stated 'new project'). I will be returning to these subjects when the dust settles on our move and will hopefully be adding a new topic which might, had I chosen to go down the route of maintaining more than one blog, have resulted in the creation of a new blog called "Diary of a VW Beetle Virgin". Lunatic Antics is DEFINITELY a more appropriate banner for what I get up to. #-)

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